Episode 5

Published on:

28th Dec 2020

2020 Holiday Collaboration: Slay the Krampus (Pt. 2)

For our holiday 2020 Tabletop Roleplaying Game Collaboration we bring together six content creators to play a game of Slayers (by Gila RPGs). Our players will hunt down The Krampus in the city district of Yuletide, a district that exists in a perpetual winter wonderland. As combat is engaged and the Krampus attack is investigated, the Slayers realize that not all is as it appears. The Eyes of the Saint are always watching.


Our Podcast Collaborators:

Are We Dead Yet? (featuring Josh Fisher) Can be found at: https://www.1upPodcasts.com/Dead-podcast

Ballad of the Seven Dice (Featuring Lucas) can be Found at:


Dungeons and Pop (Featuring Sean) can be found at:


Party of One Podcast (Featuring Jeff) can Found at:



Podcast edited by Josh Fisher of Are We Dead Yet?

Intro and Outro music created by:

Luc Soekrasno. Find him on twitter and contact him for commissions at: @LucSoekrasno.

Background Music Provided by:

https://www.TabletopAudio.com/ under an attribution non-commerical, international license from creative commons.

Additional background music provided by PoddingtonBear under an attribution, non-commercial, international license from creative commons.

Find them at https://freemusicarchive.org/music/Podington_Bear

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