Episode 45

Published on:

26th Oct 2020

Time Has Past (Ep. 45 Pt. 1) - The Flow of Time

Every step in the trials lead our heroes further in to dangerous unknowns. Will they ride the wave to success, or drown under the pressure?


This episode features a trailer from our friends, @GobletsandGays! If you liked the sound of it, go check out their awesome podcast 'Goblets and Gays'.


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"Extinction Curse" is Paizo's amazing Adventure Path full of circus tricks and shenanigans that are bound to have you on the edge of your seats!

So come join us at our table as we fly by the seat of our pants. The way TTRPGs are intended!

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Meet your podcast hosts, Waffles and Syrup! These two individuals were brought together from across the world playing TTRPGs, and now want to share that love with the world. They currently stream their brand new Starfinder campaign Journeys Adrift on Twitch every Tuesday which is released to podcast on Fridays! Along with their campaigns, they make dice, art, maps, and work to be overall kind hearts in this amazing community! You can find them on Twitter @wafflesmaple and Instagram @wmspod.